WRA Newsletter July 2017

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Dear Members

Burton Parish Council

I’m sure many of you are aware that the Chair of Burton Parish Council, Judy Jamieson MBE, sadly lost her struggle with Cancer earlier this year.  Following a procession through Burton and past Christchurch C of E VA Primary School (where Judy had been a long serving Governor), the funeral was held at Christchurch Priory on Tuesday 13th June and the Chairman attended representing Winkton Residents.  A very personal service with beautiful tributes from Chris Chope OBE MP & Andy Martin, Editor of the Bournemouth Echo.  Judy was a strong woman who had dedicated most of her life towards our local community and the Conservative Party.   She will be sadly missed by many.  

The Judy Jamieson (Memorial) Music Foundation has been set up to honour her achievements.  Anyone wishing to donate to the foundation can do so online at www.tapperfuneralservice.co.uk or by post to Tapper Funeral Service, 89/91 Barrack Road, Christchurch, BH23 2AJ.

Burton Parish Council have now elected a new Chairman, Tony Bemister, for the year to May 2018, with his Vice Chair being Gareth King.   This has created a new Casual Vacancy in the office of Councillor for the Parish Council of Burton (& Winkton). It would be lovely to have a representative from Winkton on BPC. Applicants need to apply no later than the 10th July 2017. See the Noticeboard for more information.

Winkton Resident’s Association (WRA)

WRA includes all residents of the hamlet of Winkton, Holfleet & Bockhampton and aims to preserve community connections. There is a committee that represents the WRA which endeavours to provide a local voice in dealing with issues that directly affect our hamlet, as well as organising social events at Christmas and during the summer. The committee has no power in local decision making policies so if you do have a problem we strongly urge you to contact Burton Parish Council, Christchurch Borough Council, Dorset Highways, etc in the first instance to see if they can rectify your problem and copy us in. If no success then the Community can work together to try and resolve. Each Committee member has a dedicated area of the village they try to look after and hopefully you should have met your contact when they knocked to deliver this newsletter and obtain your subs for 2017. Any concerns affecting residents in Winkton can be communicated to their representative, another Committee Member or emailed directly to our website. Committee members can then voice your concerns at our meetings and, if deemed necessary, we can call a special meeting with appropriate representatives present from BPC, our local PCSO etc etc.

WRA Committee

Currently there are several vacancies on the committee, the most pressing being that of Secretary. As you can see below several committee members are undertaking more than one role. The Chairman is concerned that 4 out of 6 of the Committee live in Holfleet & Bockhampton and feels that various areas of the village are lacking representation. Sam would love for the Committee members to be increased in these areas, making the Committee more balanced. We currently only have Dave Barker supporting the core of Winkton village, and Beryl Squires representing the Homefield Estate. We would love to hear from you and if you are interested please contact Sam Bragg. Generally, we only hold 2 meetings a year in the Spring and in the Autumn, unless something urgent arises where we would call interim meetings.

If residents do not come forward to help out and join the Committee there is a strong possibility that WRA will not continue, individual concerns will be exactly that, individual! As we are all too aware, individual voices & concerns are never heard or listened to. To lose WRA would be a great shame after all the efforts by the Committees’ over the years but we must have further assistance to continue. As it stands roles are now designated as follows:


Summer Get Together

Unfortunately, we have not received any offers to hold this year’s Winkton Summer Gathering in a private residence so Martin & Rachel have kindly offered the use of the facilities at The Lamb Inn. The Committee are organising for welcome drinks on arrival and I’m pleased to advise that should you wish to eat WRA have kindly been offered a discount of 20% of food only. They have a BBQ on Sundays (food service from noon until 16:00). As our numbers can sometimes be quite high the pub really needs to know numbers for catering so please call The Lamb Inn directly on 01425 672427 to reserve your space and don’t forget to mention that you are part of the Winkton Residents Association Party to ensure your discount is applied!!!

We would LOVE to see more local faces at our gatherings. We heard that some new residents were worried they might be stuffy and boring with limited conversation erring towards politics or local issues. We promise they are great fun and just a great way to socialise and meet your neighbours. Everyone is most welcome and let’s hope the weather is kind to us again this year! If anyone is willing to host a future gathering could you please contact the Committee so we can contact you.


Sunday 6th August – 13:00 to 16:00 hours

The Lamb Inn, Burley Road, Winkton

Winkton Website

The Winkton website www.winkton.org was launched just over a year ago and is used for updates and also has a blog. If anyone would like to add anything to the website, then please contact Simon Smith or use the contact link on the website to send a message. We also use an online diary on this facility to make note of absolutely any incident in and around the Village from road accidents to intruders etc, just email the website and this can be included. It’s good to hold a permanent record to add to our voice when required.

Dorset Combined Authority

Christchurch Borough council is likely to be merged with eight other local councils to form one large combined authority. A combined authority would mean one body acting on behalf of Dorset on transport, economic development and regeneration. We are advised that the merger date has slipped due to the national general election. More information is available on the following website – www.dorset-combined-authority.uk

Christchurch Relief Road

Christchurch Borough Council has commissioned a feasibility study to once again look at a Christchurch relief road. It has been around 20 years since this possibility was last explored. CBC had suggested the only route to go was the purple route (which would come through the fields of Burton across Burley Road, somewhere between the Park Homes & Lower Clockhouse Farm towards Sopley and onwards to the Avon Causeway), as this would impact the least number of properties. However, this route was the most expensive being at least twice as much as the next best alternative. Once we hear more we will update.

Police and Communities Together (PACT) / Neighbourhood Watch / Community Announcements.

A suggestion was made for our Police Community Support Officer (PCSO) to ‘piggy back’ on our Committee Meetings to update us on local items and also listen in to our local concerns and this was unanimously agreed by the Committee. Sarah Burton (PCSO for Burton & Winkton) joined us at our last committee meeting to discuss how PACT could move forward. With the limited time the PCSO’s have available, the Chief Inspector has decided to bin the project if not successful. In addition, Sarah will continue to interact with Burton Parish Council and be present at BPC events, i.e. Veterans day etc.

Neighbourhood watch (which effectively is now known as Homewatch) is still operating and is often linked to Dorset Alerts which is computer orientated. PACT was very much a communication tool for those without email or computer access. It was again discussed how we reach out to villagers that don’t have technology. The WRA Chairman emails all those residents that we hold email addresses for but the Committee simply don’t have the time or the funds to photocopy all correspondence and deliver to those without access. This newsletter provides an update twice a year but is this enough when information about burglaries and security may be important knowledge for susceptible individuals? If you do not have internet connection & have views on how you would like to be approached for updates please let a committee member know. In the meantime, perhaps those that do have a connection and are aware that a near neighbour does not, please let them know of any alerts that you receive.

PCSO Sarah Burton also re-iterated that things need to be reported including thefts (however minor), speeding, anything that looks strange, anti-social behaviour, strange vehicles, door knockers etc, etc. These can be reported by phone on 101 or online at the Dorset Police Website ‘DO IT ONLINE’ button. If incidents are not recorded it doesn’t reveal a true reflection of the crime involved in our hamlet and the surrounding areas, thus making police statistics show that crime is low.

Street Meetings are still held by the PCSO in Burton but these were stopped in Winkton due to the lack of interest -turnout in Burton is very low too. Do you wish these meetings to be resumed in Winkton? Again, contact a committee member. If no response received we will assume the answer is NO.

Speed Camera. HGV’s Traffic Counter

A date for training on using the speed camera was organised but only one resident replied to be involved. Many residents complain about this subject – however with lack of response it was decided ‘Don’t moan if not willing to action’. These areas need support from our community and not just left to be actioned by the Committee.

The Committee requested a road counter strip be installed between Holfleet & Bransgore which was granted by BPC. This has now been removed and we are awaiting results.

Concerns were flagged relating to the use of HGV’s down Burley road and the damage incurred to the new curb stones and bridge by Brook Cottage. There has also been a spate of high speed racing down both Burley Road and along Salisbury Road. Residents please, please, please, report and record incidents to include our online WRA diary and also report to Dorset Police, if appropriate.

New salt bin for winter road gritting

Burton Parish Council has provided a new salt bin for winter gritting and this is located in the Park Home car park opposite Brook Cottage. The other salt bin in Winkton remains in its original position by the post box.


I am delighted to advise that this has now been installed at The Fisherman’s Haunt and fully funded by Fullers Brewery. The launch was undertaken and attended by the Mayor, BPC and representatives from the Brewery. We thank BPC and Laura & Jim from The Fisherman’s for their help in installing this incredibly important bit of kit to our Village.


There have been several incidents regarding Swans on the road between The Lamb Inn & the Bransgore Border. In total 2 swans have died, 3 injured & 2 successfully moved off the road. The problem appears to be the electricity cables. The swans are nesting and feeding in the fields and when they go to take off they hit the low power cables as they are not visible to them. The electricity companies have been approached to install some form of flagging so the birds can see the wires to avoid any further incidents. In addition, a goose and a bird of prey have been found dead, which residents believe are linked to shooting incidents.

Clockhouse Stream

It was noted from recent Burton Parish Council (BPC) Minutes that a maintenance plan was being drawn up for the watercourses in Burton, so WRA requested that Winkton were also included in the schedule.  We were advised the Clockhouse Stream is classed as a River and not a Stream and therefore could not be actioned under Highways and sits under the Environment Agency’s remit.  The EA generally do not physically manage Rivers, this is down to the land owner, but they are enforcers.  On the 7th June WRA held a meeting with the Environment Agency (EA) & Burton Parish Council (BPC) regarding the ongoing issues with the Clockhouse Stream.  Over the last 5 years’ numerous properties along Burley Road had flooded and although this was also linked to excessive rainfall (and not forgetting we are located in a flood risk area) it was obvious from watching the flow of the water that the stream was full of dead trees which had fallen over.  Organic and other waste was then washed into the trees creating dams that pushed the water back out of the stream and onto the roads.  As we are well aware from other areas of the village becoming overgrown, budgets are not available to undertake the works we were once used to.  Twenty years ago, Clockhouse Stream was dredged annually.  In the last 16 years, the only instance where works had been undertaken was in 2015 following properties flooding, when a patch was cleared between Lower Clockhouse Farm and Marigold Cottage but not fully dredged.  In addition, during the lengthy road closure, some of the residents tried to maintain areas close to their properties to remove these dead items.  The four areas we sought assistance were as follows:

  • Clockhouse Stream is home to two invasive plants on the river bank.  Himalayan Balsam and Japanese Knotweed.  The EA work on a source to sea basis, i.e. clearing from the start of the infection.  If these items are not removed then they will continue to flow downstream constantly adding to the infection.  The Himalayan Balsam is relatively easy to remove and residents can undertake this.  The plant has shallow roots and should be removed before flowers set and seeds dispersed.  If this is actioned regularly by residents the species could be isolated within about 3 years.  However Japanese Knotweed is another matter entirely as can have deep roots and can’t simply just be dug up as it will return stronger.  The plant needs to be professionally injected with poison into the stems.  A long and laborious task and it is essential to avoid these chemicals and plants getting into the watercourse.  This plant is incredibly strong and can push through concrete and building foundations so certainly something for residents to worry about.  The main area that has an infestation is by The Lamb Inn Car Park.  Enterprise Inns (not the Tenants) are responsible for the land and professionally started treatment last Summer.  You can see that the Knotweed is beginning to die and Enterprise Inns will continue treatment every year until removed.

  • Clockhouse Stream is linked in to the Bransgore Drain and unfortunately overflow sewage and toilet paper etc have been seen to float down the river on occasions.  A concern for many with various health implications affecting both residents and wildlife. The EA will review.

  • There has been confusion over who owns the land and the EA will undertake a further land check to clarify bank ownership and also see if any properties at risk would be eligible for the EA Property Level Protection Scheme.
    It has been noted that Clockhouse Stream can be steadily flowing and then suddenly very quickly dries up leaving dead fish and wildlife, before water levels increase again later in the day.  There is no obvious evidence as to why this is happening so it is important this is reported (see below) so that the EA Officers can investigate further.  

Residents have emailed the EA and reported problems in the past and feel deflated with the lack of action.  The current advice given to us was to ensure that we always contact the National Reporting Line on 0800 807060 so any evidence trail can be created.   Concerns should be reported to this number every time there is an issue – BIG or small!…… In addition, for anything to stand up in Court they need substantiated proof noting dates, times, photographs, dated samples, videos etc and ideally, they like to collect that themselves so it is fully factual and reported correctly. However, we are aware that the problem may have rectified itself by the time and Officer gets to you.    WRA Committee are happy to keep central records, so if you can print off any correspondence, photo’s, write notes etc we can hold all information together on file and don’t forget we have our online website diary to record these details too – just email the website and this can be included.

Local Business Links

It was noted recently that some members of our community sometimes need assistance and don’t’ know where to turn to look for reliable support, i.e. cleaners, technology etc. We thought a local directory list of services and companies that are recommended by the villagers, i.e. Electricians, Plumbers, might be useful An address book will be created on our website with your recommendations, please send through any suggestions to a Committee Member or directly to the website email address. This list will be recommended by you and has not been tested by Winkton Committee, so the WRA will not hold any responsibility or liability for its content.

If you have a local business and wish to place an advertisement alongside the address book then please contact us. Online adverts will incur a charge of £10 per annum and you will need to supply your own graphics.

As you will see from this newsletter we have been sponsored for our Summer 2017 edition. It was agreed by the committee that companies linked to residents or local businesses could sponsor our newsletter at a cost of £40 to cover the cost of printing. Initially starting with just one or two Companies per newsletter. This could be a revenue generator for WRA and can be re-invested into food or complimentary drinks etc at our twice-yearly socials. Sam Bragg has recently renamed her company under Buzz Interior Design and has kindly offered to sponsor our first one.


The committee ask for a subscription of £2 per household to join the WRA. This is now due and we will try to collect the subscription at the time of delivering this newsletter. If you are not at home, when we deliver, please pop your £2 into an envelope and drop into your nearest Committee Members letterbox. It would be helpful if you could add your contact details to the envelope – including your email address (if you have one), so that we can stay in touch on important issues affecting Winkton. We will not use your email address for anything other than matters regarding Winkton and it will remain confidential. Subscriptions run from Jan to December each year. We are collecting the subscription that is due for Jan 2017 – December 2017. The subscriptions go towards the running costs of the Committee (such as printing), the social events and adhoc items for the village where we receive no Council funding.

Many thanks for taking time to read this newsletter and wishing you all a lovely summer.

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