Speeding in Winkton & new Speedwatch campaign

A meeting was held at the Fishermans Haunt on the 1st February with Sarah Burton, our local PCSO, to discuss ongoing speeding issues in Winkton & Bockhampton with the idea of setting up a new PACT Speedwatch team for the Village.

15 villagers attended the meeting of which 10 locals have put their names forward to volunteer.  All volunteers have to be vetted to check for viability and we are currently awaiting completion of this procedure from the local constabulary.

Burton Parish Council are happy to share their ‘speed check kit’ with Winkton and it has been decided to work alongside the Burton volunteers to undertake checks.  Some members addressed their concerns about actioning a check in front of their own property in case there were any incidents with unhappy drivers.  The plan is volunteers will not undertake a check within the vicinity of their own property and will be relocated to to an alternative location either in the village (Burley Road / Salisbury Road) or in Burton.

Volunteers will test speed and obtain number plates.  As members of the public will be undertaking these tests, automatic fines will not be imposed but any vehicles caught speeding will receive up to 2 warning letters followed by a PCSO visit.  If still offending then there is a potential for fines & points.

At present we are still working towards reducing the speed limit between Bransgore and Winkton from the national speed limit down to 40 to try and slow the traffic as it approaches the park homes at the edge of the village.  At present we are unable to enlarge the 30 signs.

Burton Parish Council are still trying to address large HGV’s using Salisbury Road but with the Spur Road closure at present we have been one of the alternative routes selected by Highways having the ability to take large vehicles.  This item is constantly on our Agenda and we continue to discuss with BPC & CBC with regard to restricting and slowing vehicles through the village.

If any further residents wish to volunteer please contact us and provide Full Name, Date of Birth, Place of Birth and Address in order that Christchurch Constabulary can initiate a vetting check.


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