Newsletter June 2015

Dear Members

Hopefully this summer newsletter will inform you of what has been going on in and around the village together with the issues that are affecting us, or may do so in the future.

For those who have recently moved to Winkton, the Association was formed in 1995 when a few residents got together to express their concerns when planning permission for gravel extraction was applied for at Lower Clockhouse Farm, Burley Road. Part of that proposal was to allow gravel lorries to travel through Winkton on their way to New Milton Sand & Ballast depot in New Milton. As a result of their persistence those residents managed to divert the lorries away from the village. In recent years there have been, and still are, issues that affect the village as a whole, particularly the problems of traffic growth & the associated issues of HGV vehicle traffic, vehicle speed in general and pedestrian safety.
The Committee are always actively seeking nominations to join them so if you are interested please contact a Committee member. We generally meet four times a year, usually at the Fisherman’s Haunt, to discuss current issues and in addition we organise a winter & summer ‘Get together’ where all local residents can meet up informally for a chat and nibbles.
Bus Services
Bus services & schedules have been radically changed with the general trend being routes scrapped & frequency reduced. Following the ‘Gard’ service going into insolvency the route along Burley Road has been affected. However a new service, Route 125, run by ‘More’ from Wilts & Dorset will be effective from 18th May 2015. Running from Ringwood to Christchurch, via Bransgore, this will only operate Monday, Wednesday & Friday with limited frequency. Please be aware of neighbours that do not always have access to a car & who may be grateful for the offer of a lift wherever possible.

Homefield Park Development Site.
Most former concerns have been resolved, however the site cabins are still to be relocated and the discarded building materials and spoil heap behind the rear gardens of ‘Winkton Haven’, ‘Winkton Gables’ in Burley Road, and adjacent to the new development property in Homefield Close, remain in place. Although following a meeting with site management on 19th February assurances were given that these issues would be resolved by the end of April. Planning permission for a further four detached properties in the location of the site cabins & spoil heap was granted by Christchurch planning in April 2015. The developers have 3 years from that date to start construction.

Clockhouse Stream Clearance – Following years requesting help, and assisted by Councillor Colin Jamieson, we have successfully obtained help from the Environment Agency to clear areas of the Clockhouse Stream to potentially help with flooding issues caused by lack of maintenance. Although not all sections have been fully cleared we have been advised this should be sufficient for waters to flow to the River. This is unlikely to be a regular clearance so would request residents are vigilant for the build up of organic matter.

Drainage – No improvement / rectification of problems discovered during the D.C.C. survey of July 2013 have taken place. The situation continues to be monitored by WRA & any further surface water problems will be reported back to D.C.C.

Verges – The overall situation regarding footpaths & verges is ongoing. The pavement to Burton, along Salisbury Road, being of particular concern as it is a well used main footpath, especially opposite ‘Finches’ as this where the pavement is at its narrowest and the condition of the wall warrants concern.

Footpaths. The Avon valley footpath between Salisbury Rd & Burley Rd is overgrown & minor repairs are required to the footbridge to make it safe. A response from the Council is awaited.

If you have any concerns with highway matters, illegal dumping of rubbish, drainage, pot holes, overgrowing trees & general vegetation please feel free to a contact a committee member but it is vital first to directly contact Christchurch Council on 01202-49500 or visit Dorset County Council website to report your queries.

Speed Restrictions. The Council have been contacted with regards to the potential of reducing the speed limit along Burley Road between Bransgore & Winkton from the current 60mph to 40mph. A response is awaited.

Burley Road Closure Most residents have been informed by Dorset County Council of the Burley Road closure between 6th July 2015 & 4th September in order to reconstruct the Clockhouse Bridge, which is adjacent to ‘Brook Cottage’ (approx 150 yds east of The Lamb Inn going towards Bransgore). The road will be closed to all traffic throughout the period, although pedestrian access will be available. The alternative route will be signed, via Derritt Lane. The scheme Engineer will be Brendan Carroll (Contact No: 01305-225387) and the construction team’s representative is Jack Wiltshire (Contact No: 07970-191136).

Winkton Village Green.
It’s nice to see that the hardwood bench commemorating the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee in 2012, along with the plaque from the original bench marking the Silver Jubilee celebrations in 1977, is being used and not abused.
For those that are unaware there is a village notice board, adjacent to the pedestrian entrance of the Fisherman’s Haunt, it is being regularly used so please look at the notice board between newsletters for any information concerning the village & WRA. If you are posting details of local events please feel free to do so but ensure you remove the details afterwards to avoid clutter.

Parking In The Village
Parking is an ongoing issue for many residents, particularly for some properties along Salisbury Road, Winkton Green & Avon Cottages. There are several reasons for the parking difficulties including residents having more than one vehicle, visitors, trades vehicles etc. Several solutions have been suggested including parking permits and reducing the size of Winkton Green; however neither of these were deemed viable. If the Council agreed to parking permits they would come at a cost and still do not guarantee you a space. As Winkton is part of a conservation area reduction in the size of Winkton Green is unlikely to be adopted and may be an unpopular move with the majority of residents. The current Conservation Area Appraisal and Management Plan understands the importance of the village green and talks were previously documented about re-instating and expanding the Green rather than losing more of it. It is fully understood by all that parking is free to anyone, but please be mindful to park outside your own property whenever possible & park close to fit the maximum number of cars into the available space.

Dorset Alert / Homewatch
Due to changes to both the Committee and the local neighbourhood scheme the task of coordinating this has been somewhat overlooked, and our apologies for that. If you would like to receive regular emails linking to Dorset Alerts please contact our Chairman at who will add your details to the listing. Unfortunately this service is only available to those with internet access but if you are aware of a neighbour who does not communicate electronically I am sure they would appreciate verbal updates. Alternatively please speak to one of the committee at the summer Get Together.

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