About the Winkton Residents Association (WRA)

These pages are maintained by the  Winkton (including Holfleet & Bockhampton) residents association and are intended for the use of all residents in the Winkton area.  The WRA has a committee which works for the local residents primarily addressing issues of local concern.    The committee meets periodically to discuss those issues, decide on actions to be undertaken and report on progress.  A periodic newsletter is also circulated to residents and is also available on this site.    Social events occur occasionally during the year offering a valuable opportunity to meet/catch up with your neighbours, discuss issues and, above all, have some fun.   A small annual contribution (£2) towards the running costs of the WRA is appreciated.

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Winkton: “The secret jewel of Dorset (or Hampshire, it’s almost borderline) nestled betwixt river and forest and close to the historic town of Christchurch.”

Current Big Issues

  • Christchurch Relief Road:  Read the latest study report here.

Related Local Links

This is the northern area of the parish served by Burton & Winkton Parish Council.
Information on RAF Winkton, a former WW2 airfield,  may be found by clicking here.

 The local hostelries


Local Bus Service:   Yellow buses now have a 21 service between Bransgore and Christchurch running through Winkton – details here:
Dorset Police:  A/PS Mike Burt & PCSO Laura Martin
Police are asking for community speed watch volunteers, and have stressed that they can do the checks elsewhere in the area. They are also looking to increase volunteers and specials, in the local police force.
Fire:   The Fire Brigade is offering free fire checks to any home-owner.  They will visit your home and sit down with you to talk about fire safety issues, they will also provide some equipment, free of charge if needed.    If you are hard of hearing they will also talk to you about hearing aid fire alarms which go under your pillow and vibrate.  To book ring 0800 038 2323.  All staff are in uniform and carry ID.
If you use either the fire and police checks they may ask for completion of safer independent living form after they finish the checks.

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